Nutrition and Physical Activity Programme

The Preschool believes that the foundation for a healthy lifestyle is developed in early childhood. We therefore follow the guidelines provided by the ‘Get up and Grow’ and ‘Munch and Move’ Programmes which encourage healthy eating and physical activity right from a child’s earliest years.

Breakfast Programme

The preschool provides breakfast for children who may not have eaten before they left home. Breakfast includes:

  • Whole grain bread/toast with spreads
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Weet bix
  • Water or low fat milk
  • Morning Tea Fruit Programme

The preschool provides healthy fruit and vegetable platters, and cheese and biscuits for the children’s morning tea, at no extra cost.

The preschool staff prepare the platters daily using seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are a big hit with the children.

Comprehensive Additional Needs Programme

Staff are trained in various areas aimed at assisting children to reach their full potential. Interaction with other support agencies such as Gunnedah Early Childhood Intervention and Gunnedah Community Health therapists is paramount. The preschool accesses funding from various departments to support the programmes.


Transition to School Programme

Gunnedah Preschool provides a play based programme that teaches children a variety of skills required to enter formal schooling.

These skills include:

  • Being able to participate in group activities
  • Taking care of themselves and their belongings
  • Cooperation with their peers
  • Acknowledgement of their emotions
  • Recognising shapes and colours
  • Fine motor skills, such as writing their names and using scissors
  • Learning to recognise numbers in print and in concept
  • Learning days of the week, months of the year, various weather patterns and the four seasons

The preschool participates in a Transition to School Programme which assists children with additional needs to make the step to big school a smoother one. A Department of Education workers, Anne from Tamworth and Katrina from Gunnedah, visits regularly to assist with this programme. It is run with assistance from the Department of Education and Communities.

Preschool Bus

The Preschool bus transports children who are unable to make it to preschool by other means. Aboriginal children who meet the application requirements are transported free. Non-Aboriginal children and those who do not meet the requirements may be transported at a cost of $10 per day, per child, space permitting.

School Buses

Children can travel to preschool from outlying villages on school buses. It is the responsibility of the family to organise this and to inform the preschool of their arrangements.