Preschool Enrolment Fee

The Preschool has an enrolment fee of $95.00 per child. Once the enrolment fee has been paid days will then be confirmed as booked. Your child will then receive a package that includes a Hat, Shirt, Library bag & Drink bottle.

This fee is non refundable.

Fees (per day)

  • Any Indigenous children, or Non-Indigenous children from families with low income $7 (* lower fee rate).
  • Non-Indigenous children attending the year before school $15 (* lower fee rate).
  • Non-Indigenous children (not including low income families) that are 3 years of age (unfunded child rate) $35.

Please note: Children only receive the lower fee rate for 2 enrolled days. If the child attends for more than 2 days a week, all additional days are charged at $35 per day.

Fee Assistance

ECEC provide funding to assist low income families. If you wish to apply for a reduced fee you will need to fill out a Subsidy Fee Application form and return it to us with proof of your income. If circumstances change you must notify us as soon as possible.

Centrelink Fee Rebates

Preschool fee receipts can be claimed from Centrelink each term. You will need to keep your receipts which will be issued upon payment of fees. A replacement receipt is available from the office for a cost of $2.00. A full receipt history is available for $5.00.

Payment of Account

A fee account is issued each term. Fees must always be kept up to date. Payment can be made by giving the correct change, EFTPOS or cheque to the clerical worker. Centre-pay and direct deposit can also be arranged.  See our information booklet for bank details if paying by direct deposit.

Extended Hours

The preschool provides Early Care between 8am and 8.30am Monday to Friday. The cost is $5 for the half hour. No notification needs to be given prior to drop off.

Failure to drop off/pick up additional fees

If your child is on premises prior to 8.30am they will be charged the Early Care Fee.

If your child is on premises after 4pm, a $15 late fee will be charged. If the child is consistently picked up late (3 times) you will be charged a $20 fee.

Other fees

Association Membership $2.00 per annum, essential to be a Board member.