Welcome to Gunnedah Preschool

The Gunnedah Preschool offers quality education and care for children aged between three and six years.  We believe the first five years of a child’s life is the most important, where children learn at the fastest pace and those that care for them in this period effectively shape and build the future society.

Gunnedah Preschool promotes children’s independence and self-help skills through hands on learning. 

  Our educators believe it’s important to create a welcoming environment where children and their families are respected and actively encouraged to collaborate with educators about the way we teach their children in order to ensure that their learning experiences are meaningful. 

We endeavour to ensure that parents feel at ease and that their child/children are safe and enjoy their day. We aim to develop happy, caring, supportive relationships with families making them feel part of our school community.

Our Services


As part of our healthy eating and physical activity foundation the preschool provides breakfast for children who may not have eaten before they left home as well as healthy morning tea platters.


Staff are trained in various areas aimed at assisting children to reach their full potential.  We also work in with other support agencies to provide a comprehensive additional needs programme.


Gunnedah Preschool provides a play based programme that teaches children a variety of skills required to enter formal schooling. We aim to assist the children with a smooth transition to school.


The preschool bus transports children who are unable to make it to preschool by other means as well as working with existing school bus services to enable children to attend preschool.